Belles Bride: Nicole P.

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Sometimes, we design a wedding and WE fall in love with the flowers.  This event was no exception.  When our shipment arrived from our trusty wholesaler just prior to Nicole’s May 21st wedding, we fell head over heels for the blooms that arrived.  These Pink Peonies opened just perfectly, and the Ranunculus were 5 shades of peachy loveliness.  We couldn’t stop staring at them, and taking way too many pictures…

1011-nicole p (1-2)

The Bridal bouquet was composed of a mixture of flowers in assorted spring shades of Coral, Peach, and Pink with a touch of Yellow and White, and Aqua as the accent color.

1015-nicole p (7)

Belles Bride Nicole wore an Ivory gown, and her ‘Maids were in Coral, so we know these bouquets really popped against the dresses.  Our floral palette included Pink Peonies, Peach Ranunculus, Yellow Button Mums, Hot Pink Alstromeria, Coral Roses, Peach Hypericum, Orange Spray Roses, Queen Anne’s Lace and Eucalyptus Gunnii.

1016-nicole p (8)

The Bridesmaids bouquets had basically the same assortment as the Bride.  They were just smaller, and without the Peonies, and Queen Anne’s Lace.  The 2 Flower Girls AND the 2 Mother’s also carried bouquets.  Theirs were just a bit smaller than the Bridesmaids, and we thought it was a really nice switch from rose petals and traditional corsages.

1018-nicole p (11)

As many of you know, we provide Small, Medium, and Large price points, so our clients have the option to choose what best suits their event.  Nicole went for the Large option, and let us tell you, this bouquet was BIG.  We hope she ate a good breakfast because she sure got a workout carrying this baby around!

1019-nicole p (13)

When we delivered the bouquets to the beautiful ladies who soon be carrying them, we were provided with 2 charms.  Each contained a treasured photo of a lost loved one.  We strung them on matching Aqua ribbon and fastened them to the Bride’s bouquet.  What a sweet, sentimental tribute to her family, and a beautiful keepsake for our client.

1012-nicole p (3-12)

Riding in cars with flowers.  The story of our life.  Here is a quick shot of Jenn in the delivery vehicle (at a stop light, dont worry!) with a load of centerpieces.  The Bride provided us with the large mason jars and we filled them with wildflowers in her color palette. Every table had something a little different, but they all coordinated in color and flowers, for a very relaxed look.  Bless that little cart for saving us from back pain and about a million steps at very event.

1013-nicole p (4-5)

Nicole had a lot of really great details at her reception.  Each table was named for a different landmark on the ISU campus, where she and the Groom met and fell in love.  So stinking cute. Here are her table names on chalkboard sign picks.  We added one to each centerpiece along with a framed photo.

1014-nicole p (6)

The couple had a little photo-shoot done all around the ISU campus, stopping at each one of over 25 special locations to have their photo taken.  The photos were displayed in an acrylic frame at each corresponding table.  You can’t seen them all that well here, but visit her main gallery to see more.

Also, we LOVE the Chiavari chairs in this space.  So much more elegant than a banquet chair with a cover, and a perfect way to incorporate Gold into this space.

10110-nicole p (14)

Another adorable reception detail was the Escort Table set-up.  The couple displayed wedding photos of their parents and grandparents for an adorable tribute.  Their ‘guestbook’ was a photo mat.  Guests signed the mat that will later hold a photograph of the couple on their wedding day.  On the far left of the table, you’ll see photo of the Bride and Groom along with a little info telling guests about where they met, fell in love, and the meaning behind the table names/photos.  The photo banner was also a nice touch.

10111-nicole p (15)

Here’s another shot of the Bridal bouquet, because we just can’t get enough of it.  The wedding was 2 weeks ago now and we are STILL obsessed.  The soft morning light hitting these flowers is just perfect.  Man, we have the best job ever.

1017-nicole p (9)

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