Belles Brides: Kelly and Maura

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#Belleslovesweddings season is in full swing for 2016! The last few weeks have been a flurry of activity with consultation appointments, site inspections, prep work, a prom and 2 weddings.  Today we’re going give you a closer look at our most recent events, the weddings of Kelly and Maura.

Kelly‘s wedding was PINK, with a pop of Blue and accents of white and a little shimmer.  We used so, so many Gerbera Daisies and Roses in this event.  We didn’t catch the variety of the Gerbs, but the Roses are called Hot Princess and boy were they pretty.

1011-kelly (1-7)

Kelly had us add 2 memorial charms to the back of her bouquet.  Remember our post from 2 weeks ago, with the details?  This simple addition makes her bouquet memorable and sentimental without drawing too much attention or taking away from the flowers.

1013-kelly (2)

The Belles team had a caravan of delivery vehicles for this event.  There were so many large centerpieces we had to divide and conquer.

1017-kelly (10)

When we arrived at the reception venue we noticed the table numbers were anything but ordinary.  Each table number was in fact a booklet for guests to sign, give advice and write little messages in.  The couple plans to read the notes on the anniversary corresponding to the table number.  What a cute idea!

1015-kelly (5)

Gotcha! We try to stay up on our social media game, so once everything is in place and we can relax a little, we often have phones out and pointed at flowers, and sometimes each other.  Here we are looking for the best light and trying to get just the right angle on those hanging crystals.  You know you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, right?  Say hello!1012-kelly (1-9)

This couple kept their cake pretty simple, and really let the topper shine.  This custom piece is modeled after the Bride, Groom and their Dog, and we’re sure they will treasure it for years to come.

1014-kelly (3-4)

Instead of a guestbook Kelly and Nick displayed this canvas and provided markers for guests to sign their names.  We may have added a little “Love and Flowers forever” on a leaf, maybe.

1016-kelly (8)




Maura‘s wedding was the following week, and totally different in terms of color.  In that there was none.  For this event the Bride wanted to stay really neutral and textured, rustic and romantic.  The Bride’s gown was Ivory Lace and the Bridesmaids wore Navy.  We used Silver-Gray and Sage to accent.

We told you a few weeks back about our love for Brunia Berry.  Well. here are some great examples of Boutonnieres and Bouquets that feature the flower beautifully.  Boutonnieres for the Groomsmen and Ushers were simply Brunia Berry and Dusty Miller with Sage ribbon detailing.  They were soft and textured, and not too frilly or foofoo.

10111-maura (6-7)

The bouquets featured the Brunia a little less, but our eye always goes to that cool silvery texture when we see them.  The Baby Eucalyptus does a great job adding Sage to the otherwise green and white assortment, and the Brunia with the Dusty Miller give us that dreamy Gray.

10112-maura (8)

Maura requested several Succulents for her bouquet, and for one to be added to her Groom’s boutonniere.  When we shopped our local market for them, we found a perfect specimen that was a larger bloom with another smaller bloom adjoined.  We separated the 2 sections and used the smaller shoot for the Groom and the larger in the bouquet.  They are sharing the one succulent plant as they will continue to share their lives and love.  We just thought that was the sweetest thing.

10113-maura (9)

We didn’t provide any decorations for their ceremony, and we’re glad.  This church was gorgeous.  Unless we were going to spend a small fortune, or maybe a large one, there isn’t anything we could have added to the space to enhance it.  We didn’t get a great shot of the altar, but it was perfection.

1019-maura (3)

1018-maura (1)














This was one of the windiest event deliveries we have ever had.  Jenn looked like she was in a tornado by the time it was over.  But in the end we would take that wind any day over all the rain Chicago has been having this spring.

10110-maura (5)


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