Belles Builds: DIY Moss Pomander

On May 20, 2016 by admin

Raise your hand if you’re still obsessed with moss.  ::We each raise our hands::  We are going to turn to moss yet again for this weeks DIY wedding project.  This easy Moss Pomander can be made in any size and used for both flower girls and event decor alike.   This item comes together really quickly and inexpensively.  

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  1. Styrofoam Ball
  2. Natural Twine
  3. Bamboo skewer
  4. Greening Pins
  5. Sheet Moss

1011-fgb 1

The first thing we need to do is add the handle for the pomander.  So we used a bamboo skewer, but you could use a knitting needle, a pencil, a chopstick, whatever, to make a nice clean space for the twine to feed through.  We just insert the stick completely through the styrofoam ball, roll it around in there a bit and remove. Our piece of twine was about 20″ long.  We folded it in half and knotted the loose ends together to create out handle.  Then feed the folded end of the handle through the channel we created in the ball, and pull through.  We secured the knot to the bottom of the ball with a greening pin.

1012-fgb 2 3 4

Now we have a ball with a handle and the rest comes together in no time.  Take small pieces of sheet moss and pin them on the ball with the greening pins.  The moss is generally fluffy enough to cover the pins, and it’s a lot easier on your fingers than hot glue.  Work your way around the ball piecing the moss together and pinning as you go.

1013-fgb 5 6

1014-fgb 7

Here we went super simple and just added a coordinating twine bow.  We tied the twine onto a greening pin and then into a shoelace bow.  Once we pinned it to the top of the ball where the handle begins we were done.

1015-fgb 8 9

1016-fgb 10

Once the ball is covered in moss, you can decorate the pomander to fit nearly any floral themes.  Add a cluster of fresh or silk flowers to the top, or some non-floral elements like little vintage keys.  A few succulents, pine cones, branches or critters would be beautiful.  A Flower Girl could carry this down the aisle, or they could adorn the pews/chairs at the ceremony or reception.

1017-fgb 11


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