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Noticing a trend towards tons of texture in wedding flowers while browsing Pinterest and bridal magazines?   We are too, and we love it! The Belles team loves texture, and for us, the funkier the better. In this week’s blog we highlight one of our favorite Belles Blooms: Brunia Berry, sometimes called Brunia Balls.   Every stem has a little cluster of silver baubles that adds special something to our floralscapes.



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Brunia Berry lend themselves really well to our whimsical and wild arrangements in everything from bouquets to boutonnieres. We tend to use the silver variety, Brunia Nodiflora, but they are available in red and green varieties as well.   Silver-Gray tones are generally harder to find among flower and foliage varieties, so Brunia has become a shining star for that reason. Dusty Miller, Lambs Ear and Kochia round out the category of silver gray foliages, with Eucalyptus and Succulents adding a sage green-gray to the mix as well. But there’s nothing like Brunia Berry!


brunia in bouquet bout


Lately, we’ve seen an insurgence in both Vintage and Woodsy themes for our events, and Brunia works really well in each application. The silver coloration blends with Grays, Blues and muted Neutral colors, and events using Mercury Glass and non-floral event touches in the similar antique and chic vintage motifs. And in more wild and vibrant bouquets Brunia can add amazing texture and richness among Red, Orange and Hot Pinks, too. Every seasonal palette can benefit from the subtle color combined with fantastic texture that Brunia brings.






Brunia, part of the Bruniaceae family, is a native of South Africa, generally available summer, fall and winter, though some growers in California, New Zealand and Australia have been producing it year round. Brunia has a woody stem, more like a tree branch, and foliage that resembles pine, but softer. The cut flower stems tend to cloud their water, so changing that every couple days is best to ensure longer vase life. But, Brunia even holds up great as a dried flower, too. In South Africa the blooms grow on a shrub, and are attractive to birds, bees and butterflies. Here’s something we learned today: Brunia Berries start as a fluffier pom-pom like flower. After fertilization, the fluffy bits fall off and leave behind the little globes we are accustomed to. Didn’t see that coming.


blooming brunia


So when choosing the flower palette for your events, consider Brunia Berry. It’s whimsical yet elegant, textural and has color like no other.  It’s that little detail that packs a punch and will make your event flowers amazing.


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