Belles Bride: Jackie’s Shower

On April 15, 2016 by admin

You know whats adorable?  When you get to design wedding florals for a wonderful couple in 2015, and then also their baby shower in 2016!   We had the pleasure of working with Jackie and Todd last August when they got married at the Palos Country Club.  Her bouquet was filled with personal touches and his Boutonniere was the Shotgun shell.  Remember those?  Well, Bridal Bouquet + Groom’s Boutonniere = flower crown for Baby, and we couldn’t be happier for the Moore family.  This past Sunday we returned to the wedding venue for the baby shower hosted by the couple’s mothers, and we wanted to share a few of the adorable details with you.


The Grandmas-to-be did a great job planning the shower and tying in cute little touches.  They painted and provided the milk bottles below in Ivory and Bronze.  We provided the buckets of fresh spring flowers, then divided them down to fill the 10 milk bottles assembly-line style.


In the wedding flowers we included fresh ivy tendrils.  The Mother of the Bride took a cutting, rooted it and is now growing an ivy plant that stems right from the Bridal Bouquet.  It has become a sentimental heirloom for the family.  For this event we chose to add Pussy Willow to our vases of blooms.  The cuttings can be rooted in a glass of water, planted outdoors and enjoyed for years to come.


Didn’t I tell you the Grandmas did a great job?  Here is a peek at their prize table.  We just loved the Taffy and Animal Crackers as vase filler, cute and creative!


As we do with all of our events, we provided bonus accent pieces at no charge.  You can see here we just tuck them around the space with the other decor to bring a pop of freshness and color.


The couple asked for books in lieu of cards, which we just love as a shower tradition.  Cards are so costly and often end up in the recycling bin.  But books promote quality family time and the education of young minds.  The bins below were used at the wedding for the popcorn bar, and now re-purposed here for the books on the gift table.  See the cute little play on words on that second bin? Adorable.


Baby shower in the Club Room, with Gazebo where the wedding ceremony was held off in the background.  Just precious.


Aren’t flower crowns the sweetest?  Picture the glowing Momma-to-be rocking this during her shower…


A Cookies and Milk theme was incorporated into the event.  Our guess was over 200 hundred cookies in the milk bottle, and we never did find out the correct answer.  And those sugar cookies!  Hand decorated milk bottle and chocolate chip cookies greeted guests from each place setting.


Here’s the selection of flowers we used for this event:  Purple Monte Cassino, Solidago, Thistle (tinted teal), Orange Spray Roses, Eucalyptus Gunnii, Raspberry Snapdragons, Green Button Mums, Baby’s Breath and Pussy Willows.

For more images of the arrangements and the event, visit the portfolio for Jackie’s Baby Shower here.




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