Belles Builds: DIY Keepsake Necklace

On April 22, 2016 by admin

When browsing the craft aisle of a big box store I came across Story Lockets and was instantly inspired. They were in jewelry section, available in Gold, Silver and a Blingy version for about $5 each. They’re glass on the front and back, held closed by a magnet, and designed to hold little charms. The charms were cute enough, little Eiffel towers, hearts and birthstones, but I pictured something more natural and meaningful displayed inside. That particular shopping trip I had my mind on moss, and moss on my mind, and then an idea was born. This locket is perfect for holding little bits of moss and dried flowers. So I grabbed a couple, gold and a silver and some chain necklaces from the same aisle and set off to see this idea come to light.   The result is beautiful, simple, natural and meaningful.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  1. Story Lockets.
  2. Chain necklace to match locket
  3. Sprigs of moss, flowers, and foliage from a special event.
  4. Snips. Something small for delicate work. We used manicure scissors


Gather all of your materials on a clean work surface.

Open lockets and wipe any dust from inside if needed.

Take tiny cuttings of the plant material and set aside. Here we are using several foliages and filler flowers in one and moss in the other. Belles and Thistles had just completed a major project to start 2016 off with a bang, so I used leftover bits of that project’s blooms to create a special reminder of our accomplishments for the Belles team.

Arrange floral bits into the right side of each opened locket.

Test fit some of the thicker parts a few times to be sure the locket will close properly.

Tweezers may be helpful in arranging the intricate pieces. We created a little bouquet in the silver one and just fanned out some delicate moss in the other.

When all of the elements are added, carefully close the left side of the locket over the right; making sure the magnet catches hold. You may need to arrange the items a few times to get everything just right.

Add the chain to complete the piece. If the clasp of the chain you are using is too large to feed through the hanger of the locket, use needle nose pliers to open the jump ring that connects the clasp to the necklace itself. Disconnect the clasp, feed the chain through the locket and reattach clasp with the jump ring and needle nose pliers.


Viola!   You’ve created a one of a kind, sentimental gift in no time at all. We are sharing this post with you at this time of year, because we think this a perfect gift for a special lady, and Mother’s Day, Prom, and Graduations are right around the corner.   Hint Hint.


The possibilities are really endless, be creative. Here are a few of our ideas:

  • Petals from a bridal bouquet
  • Anniversary flowers
  • Clipping from your garden, meaningful plant
  • A piece of a prom corsage
  • Clipping from Christmas tree
  • Lace, ribbon, fabric from a wedding or prom dress
  • Flowers from when baby was born


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