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Here at Belles and Thistles we are all about the little details that make an event special, personal and one of a kind.  Our client’s have chosen so many wonderful ways to add sparkle, sentiment and whimsy to their weddings, and we just adore that about them.  Here are just some of our favorite details from past events.

The Bridal bouquet is often the focal point of the wedding floral arrangements so it’s a perfect piece to add details. Bouquet bling for the Glam-Brides Megan and Lucie.  The flowers were not too flashy up top, but then BAM! Surprise glamour in your grill.

1011-details bouquet 1

 Here, Belles Brides Chrystal, Rose Marie and Liz have chosen to incorporate sentimental rosaries and embroidered ribbons to their blooms.  It’s a simple way to show your faith and add character.

1012-details bouquet 2

Memorial charms and heirloom jewelry are another great way to add personalized touches.  Megan added a memorial photo charm of her grandparents so they would be there to see her down the aisle, and Katie used a blue beaded necklace, a strand of pearls we used to create sprays, and a brooch to incorporate her family into her flowers.

1014-details bouquet 3-2

Jessi and Megan also opted for brooches to adorn the handle of their bridal bouquets to add just the right amount of detail.

1013-details bouquet 3-1

Kristi went for red poppies in her bouquet and red shoes on her feet as a subtle nod to the Wizard of Oz, and Jackie had us incorporate one grandmother’s vintage beaded crown pieces, lace from another grandmother’s dress and shotgun shells into her wild bouquet to make it truly one of a kind.

1015-details bouquet 4

We love it when boutonnieres get the special treatment too. Katy, Jackie and Jordan made theirs unique by adding hops for a beer brewer/drinker, shotgun shells for a shooter, and vintage keys to enhance her theme.

1016-details bouts

Adding detail to the ceremony and reception space is where you can get really creative.  These cakes were so perfect for each bride’s style.  Courtney switched things up with Wedding PIE in place of a traditional cake, Jessi had a stunning travel themed cake complete with a personalized figurine topper, and Lindsay displayed a very cool collection of vintage cake toppers along side her sweet treat.

1017-details cake

Pie: Photo by Kelly Benton Photography. Cake Table: Photo by Cristina G

In Sarah’s steam punk-garden wedding, and we used brake rotors and gears and all sorts of metal and industrial bits to give her a truly eclectic one of a kind wedding.

1018-details centerpiece 1

We always encourage client’s to provide special touches for their events, and these Brides did just that.  Lindsay provided feathers from a family farm for use in her bouquets, boutonnieres and even the centerpieces,  Jessi got hold of barn wood from her family’s Iowa farm and had custom rustic boxes made for her centerpiece designs.

1019-details centerpiece 2

Left Photo by Cristina G

Billie skipped the unity candle and went for a Unity Garden. The bride, groom, and the bride’s 2 young daughters planted seeds as a part of the ceremony. This symbolized coming together as a family, creating something new, and watching their future together blossom.  She also didn’t carry a bridal bouquet, which was a first for us.  Instead, each bridesmaid carried a single stem down the aisle, placed it into the vase at the altar, and built the bouquet as a team.  The stems were tied together just after the ceremony in order for the bride to hold in photographs.

10110-details ceremony 1

Jackie and her groom are very much into their health and staying fit.  So they provided a Squat Rack for use as their wedding arch, also a first for us, and had a custom kettle bell vase made.

10111-details ceremony 2

Laura recruited her little doggy to act as ring bearer.   He wouldn’t keep his top hat on, but he did have his own boutonniere.  Megan also skipped the unity candle portion of the ceremony and instead, the couple sealed a time capsule of sorts. A hand crafted anniversary box with love letters and bottle of wine to open after their first year of marriage.  Rose Marie asked us to create a hand painted monogram on her aisle runner.  After the ceremony she salvaged the monogrammed portion and it’s now framed beautifully in her home.

10112-details ceremony 3

Carolyn created all of the paper goods with her groom, including this adorable cake topper and the invitations.  They even had a photographer on hand to shoot the engagement session while they created the invitation suite.  How creative!

Photography by Wedding Photographer Steve Koo

Katy tied a small tag with each guest’s name on a sprig of fresh rosemary the morning of the wedding, and they were used as her seating assignments.  She also handmade many beautiful paper garlands we used throughout the space.

10114-details paper 2

With just a bit of imagination and a personal touch its easy to bring special details into your big day.  Cookie cutter weddings are boring, we encourage you to think outside the box, Brides!!  Go for it, make the day an event, something to remember.  The spotlight is on you, do what you love and let your personalities shine.

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