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Each year a popular floral industry magazine holds a contest for best wedding floral designs.  And each year we enter.  The magazine is  Florists’ Review and the contest they hold is called Picture Perfect Weddings.  While we have never won best wedding, we are often featured among the honorable mentions for bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, etc.  We submitted photographs of 3 events for each of the 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015 calendar years. And to our delight, our work was shown the following spring on the glossy pages of the 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016 April editions.  We admit it, we dropped the ball in 2013 and didn’t send photos in time.  Lesson learned!


In 2011 we submitted images from Carolyn, Jillian and Sarah’s weddings and had these 4 designs featured.


In some cases the magazine doesn’t do justice to the flowers or the photographers, so we are going to show you the original image side by side with our magazine feature.

First, a centerpiece from Carolyn’s May 2011 event, shot by the amazing Steve Koo.  Still one of our favorite couples, events and color schemes.

This is Jillian’s Lily of the Valley bouquet from July 2011.  Little did she know when choosing her wedding flowers that Catherine Middleton would also carry this delicate bloom during the Royal Wedding the same year.  Image provided by John Andrews Photography.


This centerpiece is from Sarah’s April 2011 wedding.  There was a steam-punk, forgotten garden feel to this event.  Here we paired a rustic potted succulent with clean glassware, a rusty brake rotor and moss for a non-traditional look.  Photo by Dan Merlo


This boutonniere is also from Carolyn’s wedding, and was photographed by Steve Koo.  Love how bright, fun and funky it is!



In 2012 we submitted images from Lindsay and Katy’s weddings, and had 2 designs featured.


This bridesmaids bouquet is from Lindsay’s September 2012 wedding, photographed by Cristina G.  We suspect it was this event that started our love affair with the Scabiosa Pod.  We’re obsessed with the texture.


Katy’s boutonnieres were pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves. The Bride wanted something rustic and we know the Groom loves beer, so we incorporated Hops into the Boutonnieres to make them truly personal. Photo taken by yours truly, June of 2012.




In 2014 we submitted images from Jeannine and Laura’s weddings and had 2 designs featured.

Jeannine’s June 2014 wedding was so bright with just a hint of whimsy. Photo of this bold bridal bouquet provided by Ideal Impressions.


For Laura’s wedding, we got to put flowers on a little dog, who acted as the Ring Bearer.  Her July 2014 wedding was pretty in purple, but this little guy stole the show.  He wore a top hat for a portion of the day, sadly not long enough for us to snap a photo.




In 2015 we submitted images from Diane, Kari and Jordan’s weddings and had 3 designs featured.


Diane’s centerpiece is a go-to for many brides.  It can be done with a slew of flower varieties and is very cost effective.  Here we brought a little brightness to a November 2015 event, photographed by Allusion Photography.


This was just one of 2 styles of centerpiece for Kari’s August 2015 event. The other featured a lantern, and was also accompanied by similar lush white flowers, wood accents, burlap and mercury glass details.


Baby’s Breath is becoming an increasingly popular choice for boutonnieres.  This design is from Jordan’s September 2015 wedding at a Wisconsin winery.  The event was full of thoughtful eclectic, vintage touches like the keys we used here.  Photo by Christopher Z Photography. 



It’s too bad the contest limits the number of events and images a designer can submit.  There are fairly strict application guidelines so we don’t have the opportunity to submit so many of our favorite events.  But how cool is it to see Belles and Thistles in a magazine?!  And among so many other great industry professionals.  There was some seriously stunning work on those pages.  But we will continue to share our work with you here and are looking forward to another year of amazing clients, stunning florals, and hopefully more features in the pages of Florists’ Review in 2017!

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