We are pleased to announce we received a Best Of Weddings 2020 award from The Knot!

We’ve got 5 star ratings everywhere!  And that’s because we truly love what we do, and it shows in our work.  See what we mean with the following testimonials.  Our clients were nice enough to share their experiences and appreciation with us.

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♦♦♦♦♦  (5 stars)  :  Reviewed On 1/09/2020 by Angela S
Emily and Jenn were awesome. My mom was a florist for several years, so I had a specific vision for my flowers and was a picky customer. We probably emailed back and forth 30 times. They were patient, flexible, and on top of things! Their work was beautiful and they gave me exactly what I wanted. They provided some extra greenery for the guest book/presents table that was perfect. I am convinced that they were the best option for me! Thank you both!
♦♦♦♦♦  (5 stars)  :  Reviewed On 10/31/2019 by Amber ABelles & Thistles was recommended to me by a fellow Belles Bride. I cannot say enough good things about this company. From the very beginning every. single. detail. was covered to help my dreams and visions come to life. If you want a company that is organized and provides the absolute best quality of floral arrangements and accessories… then Belles & Thistles is the way to go. Jenn was my direct contact person and she was beyond efficient. She keeps you in the loop at all times of the progress in your journey to creating floral perfection. She sent detailed proposals (HOLY MOLY IS THIS DETAILED AND AMAZING) and is completely upfront with you the whole time. They respected and stayed within my budget and honestly created pieces that were even better than I could ever imagine. She asked all of the right questions and then some. This was one of my favorite, if not the best part of my wedding planning. Belles was my favorite vendor for sure. Jenn is so kind and compassionate and open minded. She was such a pleasure to work with. I could go on and on. Not one part of this process was stressful. They handled all of the setup and cleanup and I didn’t have to worry about a thing. What a pair of professionals. BOOK THEM NOW. DO IT!!!!! 💜

♦♦♦♦♦  (5 stars)  :  Reviewed On 10/31/2019 by Kelly L

As a coordinator at a wedding venue, I am continually impressed by Jenn & Emily. I work with hundreds of florists, and they are by far my favorite! Not only is their work amazing, but they consistently go above and beyond for their clients. Their attention to detail is simply unmatched, and their kindness and energy is contagious. They make my job easier, and I never have to worry when they’re the florist for my clients. When it’s my time to get married, Belles & Thistles will be my go to!

♦♦♦♦♦  (5 stars)  :  Reviewed On 10/23/2019 by Stephanie L

Belles and Thistles were the only florist I even needed to chat with. I had so much fun meeting with Jenn during our initial meeting that I couldn’t wait for all of the follow ups! Each proposal she sent out had so much work put into them and always offered exactly what I was looking for. They were so affordable and absolutely killed the design. I tell everyone getting married in the area that they need to use them! I’m also so happy to support them as small business owners. Know that they are the ones you should work with- the will knock any design out of the park!

♦♦♦♦♦  (5 stars)  :  Reviewed On 10/22/2019 by Emily N

I was blown away with the work of Belles and Thistles. I had a vague idea of what I wanted for my wedding, but I was very open to ideas. I pretty much told Emily the colors of the wedding and the main flower I wanted and she did the rest. These were truly the most beautiful flower arrangements I had ever seen. From start to finish, Emily and Jenn were extremely easy to communicate with. I really did not know what I wanted at the beginning and Emily sent me a bunch of options. Their proposal was the best I have ever seen. They put so much work in from the very beginning and did not disappoint with the final product. I would recommend them for any wedding or any other event that may need flowers. You can tell that they truly love what they are doing and they do an amazing job. I continue to follow their work on social media because I am so impressed with everything that they create. I am hoping to use them again someday for another event.

♦♦♦♦♦  (5 stars)  :  Reviewed On 9/21/2019 by Carroll J

In an effort to temper my expectations, I was told the following things when it comes to wedding flowers: (1) If you have to cut something out of your budget, you can cut out flowers because no one will notice, and (2) they may not look as amazing as the photos, so be prepared for that. Well I will tell you right now, Belles and Thistles blew all of that advice out of the water and rose above and beyond the challenge. When I first saw the bouquets, they were truly photo perfect and I have never seen such vibrant and beautiful floral arrangements with my own eyes. They were even more than what I could have imagined, including the custom arrangements that they made for the reception out of extra flowers. I was truly blown away by everything they did and so were my guests. My guests could not stop raving about the flowers! No matter who they were, young or old, men or women, everyone was awestruck when they walked into the reception l and I’m still hearing about the flowers to this day. I was even stopped by a woman in the venue who exclaimed “Please can I take a picture of your flowers? That is my dream bouquet!” When I told Belles and Thistles that our wedding theme was Guardians of the Galaxy and that I love bold colors, tropical flowers and exotic presentations, I knew that what I was asking for was not the norm. However, they showed the utmost enthusiasm and even watched the movie just to pick out different colors to use for the floral arrangements. To say they were dedicated to bringing my vision to life is truly an understatement, they were just as passionate as I was. On top of all of this, when we had to make last-minute arrangements to move our ceremony inside, they quickly brought out a birch ceremony arch and made it spectacular. When I was planning with them, they were true professionals and authentic down-to-earth people. They were always trying to make sure we were in our budget while still achieving our vision. They truly wanted us to be happy and I cannot express how happy I am for using their services and the amazing job they did. They made me see how much floral arrangements can truly add to an event, and I will now have to find new excuses to use their incredible floral services again. If you want it done, not just right, but spectacularly…use Belles and Thistles and let them blow your mind.

♦♦♦♦♦  (5 stars)  :  Reviewed On 5/07/2019 by Allyssa P

From the first time I met Emily, she was a joy to work with. Meeting with her was easy and she was open to any location or time that would work for me. She was so excited about my vision for my wedding from the beginning and was excited to get working on my proposal. She met with me more than a year before the wedding and had a proposal to me in a google doc within ONE WEEK! I changed my mind about a few things throughout the process including some rental pieces and that was never an issue. When struggling to find things in copper and almost giving up on my copper vision, Emily re-inspired me and offered some great suggestions including wrapping copper wire around my bouquet which turned out absolutely perfect. Pricing was more than fair, paying was easy, and quality was out of this world. I received compliments on the flowers all night from so many of our guests. Thank you so much, ladies! You crushed it 🙂

4 thoughts on “REVIEWS”

  1. Belles and Thistles designed for our wedding June 2nd 2012. I cannot express in words the amount of help and support I received from them during the planning of my wedding and the day of. My family was also so pleased with their work that my dad mentioned Jenn(owner) in his speech!

    From the beginning of the planning process Jenn provided just the right amount of guidance and support as well as letting me have my own creative freedom. She was the most organized vendor we worked with and from the beginning asked event specific questions that I have not even thought of yet. Her thought process and inquisition went far beyond her appointed duties as she not only assisted with the flowers but also helped with many of the logistics of the reception and ceremony.

    When it came down to the final decisions on floral designs I felt as though my vision for how I imagined was made exponentially better by Jenn’s expertise and original aesthetic for design. She was honest to me about what flowers were possible to get and what was within my price range. I felt 100% confident that I had nothing to worry about and that she was going to do an excellent job.

    The day of my wedding I think Jenn either did not sleep or had little elves help her when I saw the amount of hard work and dedication she had put into my floral arrangements. All of my guests said they were the most beautiful they have ever seen. To say Jenn is dedicated and a hard worker would truly be an understatement. She loves what she does, she loves being involved in the wedding planning process, and it shows in the amazing work that she does.

    As you may imagine, I highly recommend Belles and Thistles for any occasion!

  2. I had the great good fortune to use Belles and Thistle on four different occasions. My daughter, Cameron was getting married, and I immediately knew who to call….Belles and Thistles.
    The girls had done flowers for my nephew’s high school dance and we were SO impressed with the uniqueness of the designs and the sheer beauty of the bouquet and boutonniere.
    But never did I think I would be so over the top happy with the arrangements they did for me.
    They first did ‘practice’ arrangements for the engagement party as a surprise to show my daughter the different styles and colors she was choosing. The flowers we beautiful and it gave my daughter the opportunity to make actual choices for her wedding flowers.

    Jenn and Emily then did the table decorations for the wedding shower. The colors were perfect. The arrangements were given as gifts at the end and I had several calls saying that the flowers lasted for weeks. I also had Jenn do flowers for our home for the day of the wedding. She did three arrangements, one for my dining table, one for the family room and finally, one for our daughter’s bedroom. The smell, the look, the perfectness of the flowers and arrangements were so in sync with my wishes.
    And of course, they then did all the flowers for the wedding! I carried a ‘Tussie Mussie” which was incredible!
    They are patient with your suggestions and then add their own expertise. The result, perfection in knowing your mind, along with new, fresh and unique ideas that I had never seen before.
    They are both amazing flower geniuses! You will be thrilled and filled with a lifetime of memories that make your occasion perfect!

  3. The flowers for Chris & Kristi’s wedding were stunning—and most importantly just what the bride ordered! Jenny and Emily did an amazing job decorating and are so sweet and fun to work with. Cannot say enough good things about them.

  4. I have had the unique experience of actually seeing parts of the planning and preparation for events that most people never even think of. I have spent extended periods of time (on other business) in the location where Jenn has her design studio, and she has been gracious enough to let me in on some of the process.

    She thinks through every aspect of an event and develops a design that fits the occasion and the people involved. She is wildly creative in her thinking and seems to be able to find a way to meet every client’s needs, no matter the budget. I have seen her work late into the night to make something perfect and quite personal for many clients.

    In addition to her creative talents and superior attention to her clients, Jenn runs through every step of an event, planning the smallest details, the things I would never think of. Is there a glass bead somewhere in the plan? The need for a bit of wrapping, a small box, or a bit of wire? Jenn has thought it out and planned for it. Her clients may never notice it, but it will be there. It’s amazing.

    There won’t be any other choice but Belles and Thistles for all of my future events.

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